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does amazon fake reviews

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welcome to the fixed1t google mobile friendly website

i have never believed that the manufacturers constraints should prevent me from 'expanding the envelope' of what their technology can do or how i can use it. having different 'models' of a particular product is totally to do with the marketing and initial cost 'price point' of that device and the desire rightly of the manufacturer to sell many different models.if you open a lot of these products these days (safely with all power disconnected and understanding that doing so voids the warranty) ;-) then often you find blank areas on a largepcb board for all the other 'model' additions. and for fixed1t, each is a new opportunity. i also don't believe that just because something has gotten old that it should automatically be disgarded and scrapped as you can see from my fixed1t youtube videos.

i've recently begin saving old damaged and dead asus google nexus 7 1st generation android tablets with a great deal of success and customer satisfaction as can be seen here at the

fixed1t nexus 7 repair and refurbishment webpages.

so here you will find

my software to extend the apple garageband experience

and links to my blogs to tell you how i

save money

carry out simple repairs

modify some of my existing kit

undertake audio file recovery service

and finally a

collection of my music you can listen to or purchase

if you like what you hear backing my videos. please use the links above to navigate the site.

i hope you enjoy the experience.