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extracting garageband songs samples to the desktop

fixed1t garageband archive sample extractor

this program enables you to automatically extract samples from a mac garageband song file to a new samples folder on your mac desktop for easy transfer to the ipad via itunes.

this program was created as part of the fixed1t suite of apple garageband helpful tools to ensure that composers can concentrate on composing rather than file editing. here is a simple tutorial video:

if you have questions about the sample extractor please post them on the appropriate item on my blog at:

fixed1t program to get samples from a mac garageband song onto the ipad 2, ipad3 and ipad mini

if you would like a 3 day trial click on the email link below:

please ensure you state which mac os you are running in the body of the email e.g: 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8. this information can be found on the 'about this mac' page by clicking on the apple on the top left of your screen.:

send your email to: fixed1t garageband sample extractor trial

when you've used this a few times, i hope you'll be willing to purchase an unlimited copy for just £10 uk pounds using the paypal buy now below or go back to the software page and add to cart.

please be aware, i hand build a personalised copy with the latest software here in the uk on receipt of clearance from paypal, so there may be a slight delay in your receiving a copy.

this is not an 'old version' automated software delivery service.

thanks fixed1t


email for software download